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Vietnam transportation guide

Bus, train, flying, car and more

How does the Vietnam transportation network works? Well, you have a comprehensive road network from the far north to the extreme south and a wide range of different transport options. You can travel within Vietnam by car, bus, train and plane between destinations. In this Vietnam transportation guide, you get the know these ways of getting around in Vietnam:


Flying in Vietnam

Vietnam has two major international airports where most of the flights from the US and Europe arrive. Domestic flights in Vietnam are a good option for many too. A lot of highlights in Vietnam are relatively far from each other.


Bus in Vietnam

Between the various destinations in Vietnam, the bus is often the best option. The drive qualities of the average Vietnamese are not great, but this does not differ from most other countries in Asia. The bus trips are also very cheap and all are fine. You can also use an open bus ticket when traveling by bus, which can save you some money on transportation.

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Train in Vietnam

The train is a more comfortable option, but also a more expensive one. You can take the train on several popular routes, as well as the night train is an option. Tickets need to be purchased in advance, this can also be done online.


Taxi in Vietnam

The not always comfortable and slow public transport makes hiring a car with driver a nice alternative. There are enough cars to rent and gasoline is not expensive. In addition, you have the freedom to travel wherever you want. Driving yourself is not recommended due to the bad condition of the roads and a driver is not expensive. If you are traveling with a group, it is advisable to rent a minivan. Taxis are reliable, cheap and available in the larger cities. Tip, always take a taxi with a meter that works.


Motorbike in Vietnam

A very cool way to travel through Vietnam is on a motorbike. You buy one for a few hundred dollars and start to explores the whole country. The beautiful landscapes make this a great trip. At the end of your trip you sell the engine again.

Want to discover small villages or drive to a remote beach? Then a scooter may be the best option for you. In many places in Vietnam you can rent a scooter and it costs only a few dollar per day.


boat cruise in Vietnam

In the Mekong Delta you can take the boat for short distances. In addition, you can also go by boat from Rach Gia to Phu Quoc Island. In Halong Bay, a boat will also be inevitable to visit the beautiful bay.


biking in Vietnam

Renting a bicycle is an ideal way to explore the smaller cities. But also for long distances and cycling holidays, Vietnam is an attractive destination. In the cities you will never have to walk if you do not want to. There are cheap options enough to let you drive around. You must definitely take a cyclo. That’s a bicycle with in front two passenger seat.