Halong Bay is perhaps the biggest attraction of all of Vietnam. Not only many foreign tourists but also many locals come here to see this unique place. In Halong Bay, almost everybody does a boat cruise of one or more days. Here you will find luxury boats as well as the backpacker party boats. An even better way to see Halong Bay than by boat is to go to a viewpoint. Bai Tho Mountain is therefore the place to be!

Bai Tho mountain viewpoint in Halong Bay

How do you get to the Bai Tho viewpoint?

A lot of Western tourists stay on the island of Cat Ba. This is a famous place to arrange a cruise. You can also rent a scooter and explore the island. However, if you want to visit this viewpoint, it’s smart to stay for one night in Ha Long City before your visit to Cat Ba. Go to the viewpoint before sunrise and then travel to Cat Ba if you want to make a cruise.

You can download the map of Vietnam in the app maps.me and search for Bai Tho Mountain, then you will see where this viewpoint is located. You can also see where the path starts, the only thing is that you will not find a sign with an arrow pointing the way. This viewpoint is therefore especially known among locals. If you are on the street that is on the way yo Bai Tho Mountain, you have to look for a narrow staircase. Follow the stairs and the path to the right until you reach a closed fence. There should be a woman opening the gate for you (in exchange for 10,000 dong). Her house is to the left of the fence so you can also call once she has not seen you. Then it’s about 30 minutes stroll to the most beautiful viewpoint of Halong Bay. See the pictures below for the entrance and the narrow staircase.

getting to Bai Tho mountain How to get to Bai Tho

Additional tips for climbing the Bai Tho viewpoint in Halong Bay

  • Go for the sunrise because then you have the most beautiful light and there are the least people.
  • Take a flashlight when you start in the dark.
  • Book a hotel close to Bai Tho Mountain so you do not have to walk far. City Bay Hotel & Ha Long DC Hotel is just a few minutes’ walk away.
  • Do not forget to bring plenty of water and a snack.
  • The city of Ha Long is not nice or cozy so stay there no longer than necessary. You really only come for the viewpoint and can travel the day afterwards. From the port at Tuan Chau Island you can take the ferry to Cat Ba Island. You will then arrive at Gia Luan Pier on Cat
  • Ba Island and can travel by taxi or bus to the village of Cat Ba, where all tourists stay. Please inform your hotel for the current times of the ferry.

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