What could be better than to spend a day at the beach relaxing after walking a full day through the old town of Hoi An. Good to know what the most beautiful beach of Hoi An are. Both beaches, Cua Dai and An Bang are located just outside Hoi An. The approximately 5 km long road to the beaches is very nice to do by bicycle. The terrain is flat and you cycle a large part along the rice fields.

On both beaches you will find a good range of resorts and restaurants but especially the Cua Dai beach has suffered a lot from erosion and depending on the tides there is only a small piece of sand left. So the best thing is to go to the An Bang beach, which has gained a huge increase in popularity. Good to know is that it is not always good weather. During the dry hot season (March-September) the beaches are beautiful and the sea is calm and warm. However, the rainy season gives a whole different dimension. The sea is wild, it can rain for hours and it is simply cold. This period runs roughly from October-February with the peak around the months of November and December. That said there are also a lot of days that are just good, but it is advisable to follow the weather forecast.

Cua Dai beach in Hoi An

As you have been able to read, the Cua Dai beach suffered a lot from erosion. However, it is the closest beach from the old town and you can always stop by to see how the beach. It is just a short distance from here to get to the more northerly An Bang beach.

Cau Dai beach Hoi An

To get there you have to follow the street with the same name, Cua Dai, which runs from the old town of Hoi An to the beach. Once on the beach you can settle down at one of the restaurants on the beach and use the sunbeds and umbrellas.

An Bang beach in Hoi An

An Bang is the most beautiful beach in Hoi An and without doubt the best choice for a day of relaxing, swimming and enjoying fresh fish and seafood. To get there from the old town, follow the street Hai ba Trung that leads in one straight road to the beach. If you do not want to cycle, you can always take a taxi for a reasonable price.

An Bang beach Hoi An

Once on the beach you will find a wide range of restaurants with sun beds and umbrellas. Popular places are the Banyan Beach bar and Soul Kitchen. Soul kitchen often has live music which makes it a nice place to spend the evening.

A day tour to the Cham islands

An alternative to the beaches near Hoi An is to do a day tour to the nearby Cham islands. The waters around the islands offer good snorkeling and diving opportunities and the beaches are beautiful. Weekends are usually very busy but during the week the beaches are very quiet and a true paradise. There is also the possibility to stay overnight on the largest island.

Cham Island beach

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