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The biggest city of south Vietnam is also the biggest city in the whole of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City. This city (also called HCMC) is a dazzling, chaotic and busy city. Life seems to be playing at a fast pace, something the locals are used to. You can wander through sophisticated alleys with little temples or just out of your sphere in some of the hottest clubs and bars in all of Southeast Asia. It is a true Asian metropolis with enough attractions to keep you busy for a few days, such as the Palace of the Reunion, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the gorgeous colonial opera house, where you can of course also attend shows. If you are interested in the infamous Vietnam War, you can not skip the war museum here. Close to the city you find the Cu Chi tunnel complex, one of Vietnam’s most famous attractions. Not only is it a special location, it is also a location with an extraordinary story.

The Mekong Delta is a well-known river area in southern Vietnam. It covers about the entire area southwest of Ho Chi Minh. The origins of the Mekong are located in the highlands of Tibet. A visit to the Mekong Delta is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Vietnam may have less islands like Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, but it has a few islands that make the word ‘tropical paradise’. Phu Quoc is an island surrounded by white sandy beaches and is still largely covered in a dense tropical jungle.

The islands of Con Dao are one of Vietnam’s most famous highlights today. Where it was formerly called Devil’s Island, because it held captive wards, it is today a beautiful area of ​​white beaches, coral reefs, beautiful bays and dense forests.

If you are in Dalat, it seems more like walking in France than in Vietnam. It is totally different from the rest of the country. Dalat is Vietnam’s first hill station and is clamped between the mountains of the Lang Bian Plateau at an altitude of about 1,500 meters. It is a peacefull town.

Although Vietnam is primarily a travel around destination then a beach holiday destination, it still has some tropical beaches. The most famous seaside resort is Nha Trang. You can swim, sunbathe, snorkel, dive and cycle. Nha Trang is also called the beach capital of Vietnam. The city is booming, full of atmospheric restaurants, bars and hotels and hostels. Granted; you’ve got to love it. But even if you do not like it; Nha Trang is located in an impressive setting. Surrounded by green mountains, a breathtaking beach, clear blue waters and tropical islands offshore.

Mui Ne is the place to be for surfers in of Vietnam! Once upon a time it was a deserted stretch of beach in central Vietnam but today many tourists know that there is a beautiful coast to be found here.

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