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Vietnam vaccinations

Which vaccinations do I need?

Vaccinations in Vietnam are recommended and are very similar to the other countries in Southeast Asia. If you’re only visiting Vietnam for a week or two, you have enough with two vaccinations. If you stay in Vietnam or Thailand or Indonesia for example, you need more than two vaccinations. A vaccination is recommended against MMR, but most likely you got this as a child.

Mandatory vaccinations in Vietnam

If you’ve been in some parts of Africa and / or South America, you have a chance of yellow fever. If you’ve been seven days before your visit to Vietnam in a yellow fever region, you are required to have a vaccination against it.

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Vaccinations in Vietnam

Whatever the length of your trip is these two vaccines are always recommended:

  • DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio)
  • Hepatitis A

If you stay more than two weeks in Vietnam or combined with other countries in Southeast Asia, then it is highly recommended to get a vaccination against typhoid fever. Will you stay away for several months? Then you’d better take vaccinations against hepatitis B and rabies.

Always check your own doctor or a traveler’s vaccination center for professional counseling.  Be sure to tell him what your plans are. If you are planning to do a lot of outdoor and other activities, including camping, hiking, biking, adventure travel, and caving, that put you at risk for animal bites, which can cause rabies.

Also be sure to check the Malaria zone in Vietnam here.