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Holidays to Vietnam

Packages & what you need to know

A holiday to Vietnam is something you will never forget! You may have seen it in various war movies, but nothing can prepare you for the beauty of Vietnam. During a holiday in Vietnam you can see and experience a lot of things; traditional villages with mountain tribes, beautiful hills, serene temples, rice fields, cozy colonial cities and a lot more.

TuraVietnam offers various holidays to Vietnam. Whether you are looking for a tour from North to South Vietnam (or visa versa) with all highlights on the way or you prefer off the beaten track without seeing too many other tourists. In addition, we also offer Vietnam day tours, so you have more flexibility during your trip. For advice or a customized tour, you can contact us via the contact form.

Which Vietnam holiday package should I choose?

If you are limited to the number of days you can travel, it may be difficult to choose the right trip. What highlights should I choose? How long do I need to see the north? Where are the most beautiful rice fields to be found? To help you get started, we collected all the necessary information: everything you need to know for a Vietnam holiday. In addition, you can also read our favorite travel routes through Vietnam to get even more inspiration.


Planning a holiday to Vietnam? In nature, the country is very diverse. On the long stretch of coast you will find several white beaches. The west and north are mountainous. You will find a gorgeous coast at Halong Bay with sea-rising chalk cliffs. The south consists of the fertile Mekong Delta where you will see the bright green rice fields, but also the city of millions, Ho Chi Minh City. The friendly people, a mountain of historical sights and the varied landscape make Vietnam the ultimate holiday country!

This is a small selection of the major tourist destinations in Vietnam, including the ammount of days we recommend staying at that place. Want to go more off the beaten track? Check our Vietnam off the beaten track blog.

North Vietnam

City What to find here Days
 Hanoi Authentic and vibrant capital of Vietnam. Lots of nice attractions, but especially loved by the pleasant atmosphere. 3D/2N
 Halong Bay A must see when visiting Vietnam. With an authentic boat through the beautiful Karst mountains at sea. 2D/1N
 Sapa Beautiful highlands of Vietnam. Always fresh and a nice place for walking and exploring the area. Here you also get acquainted with various peoples with their traditions 3D/2N**
 Ninh Binh A non-missed rural area in northern Vietnam, with fairy tail like landscapes 2D/1N
 Moc Chau 1D/1N
 Mai Chau 3D/2N
 Cao Bang 2D/1N

Central Vietnam

City What to find here Days
Hoi An One of the most beautiful cities of Asia, full of colorful colonial houses and lanterns 3D/2N
Hue The ancient imperial capital of Vietnam. Also the DMZ trips start here; the area is in the sign of the Vietnam war. 2D/1N
Phong Nha The worlds biggest and most beautiful caves 3D/2N
Da Nang Large, modern city with few attractions. 1D

South Vietnam

City What to find here Days
Ho Chi Minh City You have many nice attractions and there is also a lot to do in the area. The city is a hub for various multi-day excursions in the area. The city is an absolute highlight and often also a logical part of your journey 3D/2N
Nha Trang Beach capital of Vietnam 2D/1N
Dalat Cool mountain town, full of adventurous activities 3D/2N
Mekong Delta Beautiful river area west of Ho Chi Minh City. Enjoy the floating markets on a boat. Beautiful place to experience authentic Vietnam. 2D/1N
Mui Ne Big beach destination. Always assured of enough wind, making it a top destination for (kite)surfers. 2D/1N
Phu Quoc A beautiful island all the way south of Vietnam, to end a beautiful trip through Vietnam. 4D/3N

* City residents can easily stay longer here. When you use the cities as a stopover for a further trip through Vietnam, 2 nights are sufficient to get along the highlights of both cities.
** You are using a special night train, which means that both trips and return trips are both overnight. For 1 night in Sapa, you are 2 full days in the highlands.
*** Outdoor lovers can easily stay here for several days.

Planning your holiday to Vietnam

If you are planning your holiday to Vietnam, you might have some questions about time, budget, getting around and what to prepare. If the answer you are looking for is not below, you can check our Frequently Asked Questions, or send us a message.

How much time do I need for a holiday to Vietnam?

Although you can visit Vietnam in a bird’s eye view, you have to make some choices for a trip shorter than three weeks and skip certain areas to celebrate a true holiday (instead of just travelling). Not every traveller wants to sit in a bus or train for hours and  hours.

If you spend a minimum of 3 weeks in Vietnam, you can visit almost all of the country’s highlights within a vacation. Of course, there will always be many highlights and attractions left for a next trip through the country.

We advise travellers to go 4 weeks. You can then easily see most of the highlights during this time and have couple of days at each place, so you’re not only travelling from one destination to another.

How do I travel in Vietnam?

If you are not planning to book a Vietnam holiday package, you need to arrange transportation in Vietnam by yourself. This is not too difficult, we name a couple of options:

  • By bus you can get almost everywhere in Vietnam, even in the far corners of the country. They are also very cheap and there are night buses available. This means that you do not have to travel during the day and do not have to book a night in a hotel.
  • By train is a bit more luxurious and for that reason a bit more expensive too. Vietnam has a very extensive and good train network from Ho Chi Minh (South) to Loa Cai (North).
  • Flying is becoming an increasingly popular means of transportation. There are a lot of flights and prices are often very cheap too; From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh you can already book for around $ 30 in low season.

What do I need to know before going to Vietnam?

Vietnam is an stretched out country with different climate zones. It is therefore wise to check the best travel time in Vietnam per region, when you are planning your trip.

Vietnam is a relative cheap country, but it is good to plan your travel budget when you are making holiday itinerary.

What do I need to prepare for my holiday to Vietnam?

When you are done planning your trip, it is time to arrange the essentials before you start your holiday to Vietnam. First, arrange the required papers for your Vietnam visa. Without these, the airline company will often not even allow you in the plane. It is also wise to check if you need any additional vaccinations.

Then it is time to pack your back. Check out our tips for packing your bag and don’t forget to check if you need to bring a power plug for your electric devices.

Popular Vietnam holiday packages

You can find a selection of our popular holiday packages below. Check all our Vietnam holiday packages here.