Easy Rider is a familiar concept in Vietnam and you will undoubtedly come across by an ‘Easy Rider’ during your trip. Easy Riders are the perfect opportunity to discover the real Vietnam. It is an organisation that offers tours by motorcycle, customizable by your wishes and often including off the beaten track places. Easy Riders were originally started in Dalat, but because of the popularity you can find them on more places now.

Easy Rider motorbike

As a traveler you get from point A to B will, stop at the most interesting, most beautiful and most special places where you will not come quickly by yourself and all on the back of a comfortable motorbike. There are many fake Easy Riders too, who approach you on the street as being an Easy Rider tour guide, these are not official and therefore cheaper but less reliable.

Real or fake

The first difference between the fake and official Easy Riders, is that we can almost insure you that with an official Easy Ridersyou will have a great experience and a good English speaking guide. With the fake Easy Riders this is not always the case. The official Easy Ridersare recognizable by the blue coats. It is wise to have a prior check on TripAdvisor to check if it is a fake or an official and whether he has good experiences. The price for the fake Easy Riders are often somewhat lower, but they are also less reliable. At the official Easy Ridersthe cost is between $65 and $75 per day.

Vietnam Easy Rider

How does it work?

The concept of Easy Riders works as follows: you can specify what your expectations are, what you want to see and how many days you want to be driven around from place to place. Along with the guide you sit around the table and make the route that meets your expectations.

Vietnam easyrider

The Easy Riders can do different tours; you can do a day tour or traveling through Vietnam from north to south or vice versa. When you have a multi-day tour, the accommodation and food and drink are often included in the price, but always ask in advance. Sometimes the entrance fees to the parks that you are visiting are also included, this too must be agreed in advance.

You often don’t know in advance which place you are going to stay and what time you will arrive there. But the Easy Rider often ask how fancy or how basic you want to sleep, this of course can change the daily rate. During a day with the Easyriders you stop approximately between 10 and 20 times to enjoy the view, visit a village or family or to visit other sights.

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