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About Us

Who are we

About TuraAsia

TuraAsia is an alternative to the classic travel agent. The company is set up by two travelers; one from Vietnam and one from the Netherlands. That is why TuraAsia truly understands the needs of other fellow travellers. We don’t sit in the office all day, we travel to test and ensure you the best tour quality and to give you the best travel tips. Because we believe that you can only offer quality if you really know what you are offering.

But the main thing that makes TuraAsia different than other travel agencies in Southeast Asia is that we go off the beaten track. Of course we have your daily popular tours too. But we are always busy to find something new, special and unknown.

How TuraAsia started

Nhung Phung started in 2013 a Vietnamese travel blog to inspire Vietnamese to start travelling. The blog became one of the most famous travel blogs in Vietnam. The growing demand of designing tours on her blog became so much, that Phuotvivu launched a new website in 2016. The new website offers a lot of tours all around Asia. All does tours are made and experienced by the team of Phuotvivu.

With a true live for traveling, Nhung found something missing in the travel industry in Vietnam. She would like to organize trips to authentic destinations, away from mass tourism and taking sustainable tourism into account. For this reason, Nhung founded in 2017 an international website: TuraVietnam.com.